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Our Seva Project

Health Care Centre for Women and Children

We have been helping the local needy families, specially women and children. We help them getting work, medical help, food, education, giving mental- and spiritual support and assisting in dealing with authorities.
We want to do more.
Many people live in poverty with a poor health system in this area. India is a male-oriented society and the status of women is weak. Healthcare and particularly giving birth and pregnancy has become a huge business in India. Many women can’t afford buying health services. Women from in rural areas are many times uneducated and unaware of basic health issues. Ignorance opens up for all kinds of beliefs and superstitious rituals that in worst cases endanger the health of women and children. To give birth at a clinic is expensive, doctors operate many sections because that makes a good profit for the hospitals.

We need your help too

We want to support women in our area by building a health care centre in Khalsagarh. In this centre health care, medicine, giving birth and all other services will be free.In this way poor families will avoid debts that enslave the for lifetime which often is the case specially concerning the deliveries.
The centre provides adequate services given by professionals. Each client will be treated as an individual. We want to empower and support a growing self-esteem and courage to act in a way that provides good for themselves and their children. This is done by teaching women to take care of their wellbeing, health, economy and hygiene. Beside medical services the centre will provide courses that support wellbeing and sustainable development.
By support women, we support whole families and we want to make an impact on the conditions and health of coming generations.
You are most welcome to join us in this important project. You can make a donation, share your skills and time. You can spread the word and invite others to take part in this project.
Our current project is to build a health care centre for women and children, where we will provide maternity care and medical help for free. Counseling and self help study groups will be provided too. The themes of the courses will vary from healthy living, nutrition, organic farming, conscious parenting etc. Our aim is to enlighten and educate in a sustainable way.

Please Support this Project.

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