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Dharam Nivas Kaur Khalsa

Dharam Nivas is Kundalini Yoga teacher, certified by Kundalini Research Institute or KRI in 2010. After having a 25 years long yoga experience, she founded Ek Onkar Kundalini Yoga Center in July 2015 in Bhagsu Dharamsala, India, by the help of some spiritual locals. She has lived in India since 2014.

Educated European Woman

By birth she is Finnish. Finland being a country of a long tradition of equal rights between men and women and a society of high level of education, she, too, is an independent woman with an academic degree of Bachelor of Nursing, specialized in psychiatric care.

Devoted Sikh

Dharam Nivas Kaur converted to to sikhism and took the Sikh Wow and Amrit in 2011. She is the founder of Sikhs in Finland Association (Suomen Sikhit ry). Hence, her full name is Dharam Nivas Kaur Khalsa. She is also foundermember of Khalsagarh, seva and simran centre located in Punjab, North-India.

Manager and Organizer

She made long career in Finland as a manager of many housing units for mentally challenged people.

My Journey

Born 1970, Rovaniemi, Finland, North of Europe

1991 Practical Nurse for Persons in need of Mental Rehabilitation, Health Care Institute of Kainuu, Finland
1998 Bachelor of Nursing, specialized in psychiatric care.
Several studies of Management and Business

Mother of an adult daughter and two grown up sons.

1990 started to practise Psychophysical Hatha Yoga in Kajaani

2002 moved over to Ashtanga Yoga with Indian teacher Dada in Helsinki

2008 moved over to Kundalini Yoga with Inderjit Kaur Khalsa in Helsinki

2010 Kundalini Yoga Instructor (220 h) by Kundalini Research Institute, Lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh

2010 - 2014 Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes in many Adult Education institutions in Helsinki, for Sport

Association Helsingin Jyry and for Kundalini Yoga Association

2011 started practise Shakti Dance

2012 Shakti Dance Instructor with Sara Avtar Olivier

2013 founded her own Gurubic Yoga business for Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance courses

2013 started her own private classes of Medical Yoga

2014 Kundalini Yoga retreat with Siri Adi Kaur

2015 founded Ek Onkar Kundalini Yoga Center, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

2013 Reiki 1 & 2 healing diplomas with Cosmic Johanna

2014 Meditative Healing Program, Grade I, by Jivan Mukta Singh

2014 Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training with Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 Cammalot ©Kausaalikeho Seichem 1 & 2 diplomas with Tiina Tuurna, Finland

2010-2014 Kundalini Yoga classes as seva for third world women children, in Kivinokka, Helsinki

2011-2014 The board member of Finnish Kundalini Yoga Assosiation, event creator

2011 Guru Ram Das seva project for substance abusers in Helsinki

2011 started her own Guru Ram Das seva project for Mental Rehabilitant in Helsinki

2012 started her own Shakti Dance seva project for Persons in need of Mental Rehabilitation

2014 started to teach yoga for local people in India

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