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Sat Nam!

Khalsagarh is located in 20 acres of land in beautiful Shivalik hills owned by Siri Guru Granth Sahib Foundation. This land is donated for the cause of Humanity. We are non-profit and non-political organisation. All our activities are based on Sikh principles of selfless service, bringing love, peace and courage to all.
Khalsagarh was started by Baba Gulzar Singh Khalsa, who was a great and well known spiritual teacher of sikh philosophy. He passed away on 22.11. 2015 and his mission is continued.
The mission is to serve everyone who is in search of spiritual uplifting or needs physical or social assistance.

Meditate, work and find peace with us

We are building a lodge for people who want to come and stay with us to do selfless service, spiritual practice as meditation and yoga. We have a organic Dairy farm. We produce wheat and organic seasonal vegetables for the Langar (free kitchen).

Ek Onkar International School of Yoga and Health is part of The Khalsagarh

The school offers yoga and health courses of all kinds for Indians and Foreigners alike. You are welcome to join the workshops or bring your own trainings and workshops here. Be free to contact us.

Daily life at Khalsaghar

We live according to the Sikh lifestyle and we have Gurdwara (sikh temple). We in Khalsaghar follow the simple and down-to-earth spirit and teaching of Guru Nanak Ji (seva and simran) without rituals and complex habits. We believe that Guru Ji has something to offer to all of us and especially to the stressed human being of today the message of Guru Ji is current.
Our mornings start early at our own Gurdwara. We do prakash (opening of Guru Granth Sahib), take a Hukamnama (daily order from Guru Granth Sahib Ji) that will be explained in punjabi and in english. We also do our daily prayers (Bani) and meditate. Then it is time for work. Around 7 pm we do the evening prayer and the closing ceremony of Guru Granth Sahib (Sukhasan). We also celebrate the new Punjabi months and the sikh festivals (Gurpurabs).

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